Boys Varsity Football · Military Appreciation Night


The Fort Loramie Football team will once again be having their Military Appreciation Night on Friday, September 29 @ Redskin Stadium prior to kick-off against Twin Valley South. This is the second year that the team has hosted this special evening and is intended to show respect and honor to those who have served, currently serve, or who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our great country.

Each member of the high school football team has invited a special member of our armed forces to join them on the field to be introduced in a pre-game ceremony that will begin at 7:10pm. All veterans that have been invited by a Fort Loramie football player are asked to arrive at the stadium at approximately 6:45pm and meet on the Fort Loramie sideline. Upon request, assistance will be provided to those in need to get on and off the field.

In addition to the veterans on the field, during the ceremony we will also ask that any active duty or veteran members of the United States Military in the crowd please stand when prompted and remain standing. After all recognition’s are complete, we will conclude the ceremony with the playing of our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, just before kickoff.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the game not only supporting the Redskins take on another CCC opponent, but showing respect and gratitude to all those who have given and sacrificed so much to afford us the liberties and freedoms we enjoy today!


Below is a list of all of the players and military personnel that will be joining us on the field!

2 Devin Wehrman Keith Boerger Neighbor Army
3 Max Hoying John Eilerman Grandpa Navy
4 Nick Brandewie John Sherman Grandpa Army National Guard
5 / 8 Collin & Carson Moore Tom Barga Grandpa Army National Guard
6 Mason Kemper Randy Barfield Grandpa Air Force
7 Justin Meyer Jim Fisher & Paul Meyer Grandpas Army & Army National Guard
9 Jake Ratermann David Auslage Cousin Army
10 / 32 Sam & Cody Barhorst Dave Hoying Grandpa Army
11 Ben Barhorst Sam Barhorst Great Uncle Army National Guard
12 / 83 Nathan & Connor Raterman Jason Higgins Family Friend Army
13 Brock Ruhenkamp Tom Boerger Cousin Air Force
14 Nate Meyer Dave Meyer Grandpa Army
15 Mark Seger Joe Seger Uncle Army National Guard
17 / 45 Darren & Mike Hoying Ted Gaier Grandpa Army
18 Weston Rittenhouse Bryce Stewart Coach Army
19 Kevin Pleiman Stanley Pleiman Grandpa Navy
20 Nolan Holthaus Arnold Braun Great Uncle Army
21 Carter Mescher Ron Geise Grandpa Air Force
22 / 74 Austin & Adam Siegel Sonny Meyer Grandpa Army
24 Blake Holthaus Jim Huffman Uncle Air Force Reserve
25 Tyler Luthman Mike Barga Grandpa Army
34 Drew Benanzer Jim Hoene Grandpa Air Force
37 Nick Barhorst Tom Koverman Grandpa Air Force
40 Noah Guillozet Mitch Ahlers Cousin Marine Corps
42 Hank Ruhenkamp Mike Knouff Family Friend Army
44 C.J. Billing Arnold Clune Grandpa Army National Guard
51 Owen Kitzmiller Mike Kitzmiller Grandpa Air Force
50 Jared Magoteaux Bob Magoteaux Uncle Navy
53 Grant Imwalle Ralph Kunk Grandpa Marine Corps
54 Josh Pangilinan James Hickerson Grandpa Air Force
56 Collin Detrick Greg Stricker Family Friend Army
58 Isaac Maurer Paul Maurer & Matt Zimmerman Great Uncles Army & Navy
60 Ethan Eilerman Jim Eilerman Friend Army
61 Logan Siegel John Roberts Family Friend Army National Guard
62 Kole Egbert Karl Puthoff Grandpa Army
64 Adam DeWeese Rick Barhorst Godfather Air Force
65 Bret Bruns Eugine Monnin Family Friend Marine Corps
68 Griffin Meyer Dennis Meyer Grandpa Army National Guard
70 Sam Puthoff Gerald Puthoff Grandpa Army
71 Evan Hoelscher Cy Hoelscher Grandpa Army
73 Jarrett Poeppelman Ralph Bornhorst Great Uncle Navy
78 Mack Fortman John Turner Great Uncle Army
80 Lucas Puthoff Russel McMaster Grandpa Marine Corps
81 Ethan Pleiman August Gaier Grandpa Army National Guard
85 Devin Wray Chuck Wray Grandpa Air Force